Pastel Glazes

As the autumn colours start to appear outside, inside we are holding on to memories of spring and summer with soft pastel colours.

Muted hues complement many surroundings, contrasting well with heavy coloured/patterned woods and adding the finishing touch to light and airy surroundings. Pastel shades are popular due to their ability to complement so many interior styles.

A lamp and vase on a table, with pillows in the background

Looking around at what the retailers have selected for this season’s accessories, the likes of Next and Habitat have a very heavy pastel presence in their windows. Enticing customers with soft colours encouraging them to dream of how the colours will fit with their rooms at home (or not and then they find themselves calling the decorator in). House Beautiful Magazine have included Pastels into this month’s Style File, suggesting that pastels punch.

The Habitat website

Bring a bit of pastel into your own work and check out our pastel matte range of glazes today!

Matt Glaze

A glaze with no shine! The dictionary definition of Glaze is to be ‘shiny,’ so the thought of a glaze that doesn’t shine is surely ludicrous!

Speak to dinnerware manufacturers this year and you will hear how the tableware industry is going potty for these finishes. In the last 12 months we have seen a substantial rise of matt/ satin finishes on tableware, but why? After speaking to users and industry experts we have found the cause of this trend lies with demands from chefs and restaurants. The matt finish appeals to them as it does not detract the eye away from the beauty of the food they are presenting to their guest. Particularly there is a large demand for black or dark colours. Generally, this is to complement the decor of the establishment.

Three vases

We are also seeing department stores and retailers are stepping up with their own ranges of matt and satin ranges of dinnerware to meet the demand for people wanting the same tableware in their own homes. H&M a well-known fashion retailer supplies a range of Porcelain Matt Dinnerware manufactured by Paragon Ceramic Industries.

The H&M website showing plates

After visiting the New Designers show this year, I spotted that many of the exhibitors had adopted the use of matt finishes in their work. Designs included matte meets shiny and pieces which incorporated pastel shades with a matte finish. One designer, Holly Mai Burton of Holly Homewares exhibiting in the ‘one year in’ category had created really striking vases by combining matt glazes with metallics.

A table showing pottery, with a banner stand next to it

It seems that the age of matte is here to stay, so why not try it out for yourself with Milton Bridge Matt glazes.