Pehatine Brushing Medium/ Glaze Binder – 500ml


Pehatine 209 has been developed to give the perfect brushing consistency to your ceramic colour, glaze or slip. Designed for ease of miscibility, mixing your dry powder with Pehatine 209 results in the perfect liquid composition, ideal for brushing, and producing a beautiful homogenous colour with no shade lines or lumps. Pehatine 209 also offers excellent suspension properties, allowing your glaze to remain in excellent liquid state without separation or hard deposits.

The finishing touch for all your ceramics
Pehatine 209 means: perfection in glaze, engobe/slip and ceramic colour through:
✔ Optimal brushability
✔ Homogenous finish
✔ Excellent adhesion
✔ Less crazing
✔ Prevention of settling or deposits

Pehatine 209 has excellent shelf life properties, is safe and ready to use for:
✔ Glaze, engobe/slip, ceramic colours and oxides
✔ Re-constituting dry glaze deposits

Versatile application
Pehatine 209 can be applied to ceramic greenware or bisque. It is suitable for all standard ceramic temperatures, earthenware, stoneware and third fire decoration onglaze (china painting).
Working with Pehatine 209 is simple and straightforward.

Simply mix one part Pehatine 209 and two parts water. Continue stirring while adding the powder (glaze). The mixture can now be applied to your pottery with a fine or broad brush. Pehatine 209 is also suitable for dipping, casting or spraying.

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